Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nie plak Pasal Game

Devil May Cry 4 is a beast of a game that was designed for some hardcore specs, usually the kind reserved for the latest first-person shooter extravaganza. The manual includes a comment that the game was developed and tested using nVidia GeForce 7, 8 and 9 series graphic cards. Further comments suggest that running the game using a GeForce 8800 card will let you run the game with all of the special effect settings turned. Additional comments state using a GeForce 9 series card will let you really experience the game. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your graphics card now could be the time since Devil May Cry 4 is a powerful game that can use some intense hardware for all of the eye candy.

While the overall experience is smooth with the controller the game still plays more like a button-mashing fest instead of a fine-tuned experience. Close range attacks with your sword are performed with the Y button. Long Range attacks are performed with the X button. The B button performs Devil Bringer moves, which reach out to grab nearby opponents. The Devil Bringer moves are the new moves in DMC4 since they are exclusive to Nero. For me the game loses focus when you start trying to pull off the combo moves you purchase during the game.

Yet even with the off-balance controls I still had a blast playing the game. The action was still intense enough to make me want to keep playing. The almost-limitless enemies in certain areas never got old since I found that even just bashing away I was still pulling off some amazing moves. The Devil Bringer controls were especially fun to use during the game. Pulling in demons with the Devil Bringer and then smashing them to the ground never got old. Or jumping up in the air to pull a demon out from the sky or blasting away with your gun and then pummeling them with your sword were always satisfying.

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